Clay Magic Polymer Clay
#CM3200  Clay Magic® - Polymer Clay Bar  NEW!

Clay Magic® Polymer Clay is an advanced clay that contains an embedded polymer that helps to glide the bar over surfaces better than ever. These polymers also add a layer of surface protection and shine to your finish. It’s ideal for use before and between regular wax jobs. Polymer Clay is softer than other clay bars, which makes it easier than ever to mold and form. It removes harmful surface contaminants such as paint overspray, tree sap, bug residue, industrial fallout, bird droppings, and other stubborn dirt.
Polymer Clay is safe on all paint, chrome, glass, fiberglass and plastic. It’s also body shop safe. Use it with Clay Lube.

200 gram professional size clay bar in a re-sealable zip storage bag.


Clay Magic Perfect Finish Kit
#88256  Clay Magic® - The Perfect Finish Kit

How do you get the "Perfect Finish?" Simple; Clay Magic®!
Clay Magic® removes harmful surface contaminates from your vehicle's surface and give it an incredible smooth, PERFECT finish. Your car is not completely clean until you use Clay Magic®. Use it every time you wash or wax.

The Perfect Finish kit includes a 100 gram Clay Magic® clay bar and a 12 oz. bottle of Clay Lube at the PERFECT price!


 #CM2200-KIT  Clay Magic® Professional Size Bar & Lube 

Clay Magic® offers a BIG 200 gram professional size bar. Remove surface contaminants on up to 20 cars! Also included is a FREE 12 oz. bottle of Clay Lube. Store the Clay Magic® inside the included container to keep the clay bar away from dust and the floor. Safe for all types of vehicles and all types of surfaces. Use on your paint, chrome, glass, and fiberglass. Will not dry out like other clay bars. 

This is the Original BIG Detailing Clay!

 #49012  Clay Lube®  (49-Body Shine®)

Clay Lube®
is the recommended Clay Magic® lubricant and quick detail spray. Removes smudges, smears, finger prints and dust from paint, chrome, and glass. 12 fl oz. (354ml)

Perfect Vision Glass Cleaning Clay Kit
Clay Magic® Glass Cleaning Clay Kit  NEW!

Clay Magic® for your glass, mirrors, and chrome!

This new kit contains a 50 gram glass cleaning clay bar, and super-concentrated glass cleaner and clay lubricant in one. Removes dirt, road film, bugs, tree sap, industrial fallout, and water spots quickly. Get better visibility. Rain will sheet easily after use. Also prolongs your wiper blades. Super-concentrated glass cleaner makes up to 32 oz of product.


Clay Magic®...The Eraser Bar For Your Car®


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